How do you know your roofer is honest? in Columbus


Some sales people are just sleazy

How do you know your roofer is honest? in Columbus where I started my career as an estimator I was encouraged to deploy some less than honorable sales tactics. I never felt comfortable using them, but was strongly encouraged to by the company. After thinking I wasn’t cut out for sales I decided I was going to try and help people without worrying about making a sale. An amazing thing happened then, the prospects began awarding me with contracts. Since  I’ve always detested these sleazy antics. I thought I would share some  of them with you, so when you recognize them you’ll know to head for the hills. These are some of the more blatant forms of the manipulative sales tactics or what I’d call red flags to look out for and What to look for in an honest roofer in Columbus

Red Flag #1:

Claims the roof needs replaced due to the extensive cost of repairs on a relatively new roof. Generally  roofs tend to fail at flashing points these are the areas where shingles connect to the house. The leak is caused from flashing work  that was not done properly.  In order to properly identify bad  flashings, the estimator needs a working knowledge of roofs. Many  companies will hire salesman who have never installed a roof to get the  more lucrative new roof work. If the repair isn't incredibly simple they  will default to replacing the roof rather than repairing. Shingle  failure rarely occurs inside of 10 years.  

Red Flag #2

You will be offered an incredible discount if you buy right now. This is a very common high pressure sales tactic. Although prices will go up over time, rarely will they ever exceed 5% to 10%. If a contractor offers a discount it’s generally added to the original cost. The “buy right now” tactic is designed to prevent you from receiving a competitors bid and exposing their over-inflated cost. Don’t worry, the "Today only" discount will still be good tomorrow 

Red Flag #3

Rather than giving a total amount they will sell payments. Know this, a contractor’s payments are no better than what you could get on your own. If they're giving their quote as a monthly payment amount, their price is high. 

Red Flag #4

They may also attempt to create a new problem you may or may not even have. If 

they claim there is a problem and it doesn’t make sense to you, then  fails to explain it adequately it’s generally not a real problem. An  honest roofer will present options with pros and cons rather than  offering only one solution. An honest roofer will also inquire about your projected service life expected rather than assuming you only want the best.  

What you should experience

At Ace we will treat you like a family member. Our goal is to solve your problem, not sell you something. Next time you’re dealing with a sales person you must ask yourself, if that person trying to help you or sell you something.